There are different casino games online that you can gamble on, so it’s not only for betting or gambling on odds. On this page you will find more information about different casino games online. Firstly there are so many different casino games out there that you can play. If you have been to a real casino, you have seen all slot machines and table games with blackjack and roulette. It’s these games that you can play online as well. So you can play on different online table games and spin on many different online slots out there. Then you also find more casino games on different gambling sites. Below you find more information about the different games and how they work.

Real online casino games

When you’re gambling online on a casino site you will be playing on real online casino games. These games are developed by game developers and are then implemented on the different gambling sites so that the customers can enjoy them. There’s a wide selection of games as there are so many games that’s been created throughout the years. When you’re playing any of the real casino games online you will be doing so with real money. With that it means that you will be able to both play and win real money on these, which you normally don’t if you play on a skins betting site for example. The games then come in different categories that you can see here below.

  • Slots machines
  • Table games
  • Live casino
  • Scratch card
  • Jackpot

These are some of the online casino games that you can choose among but there are also other games. The games mentioned above are the most common/popular ones. is a site that goes through everything to do with online casino and casino products more in depth for the UK market. You are also able to play all of these games on all your devices. That means that you can play on your computer, mobile or tablet without any issues. The amount of games on mobile devices is however a bit lower than on desktop but it’s growing for each year.

Gamers gambling casinoGamble on other casino games

On top of the real casino games online there are also other casino games to enjoy. These other casino games comes in different shapes and forms compared to the ones described above. You’ll be able to find these types of games on skins betting sites instead of the normal gambling sites. Because of this it means that you’ll bet coins instead of real money on these games. These coins has a certain value that you later on can exchange for in-game skins. If we have a look on what the different games here would be it’s actually quite a few different ones. One type of game is actually the same as on normal casinos, which is the slots machine. This is also available on skins betting sites for example.

On top of this you also have other games like dice, coin-flip, crash, roulette, jackpot, tower games and more. These games all works in different ways and even the roulette game that’s offered is different from the normal version of it.

What do you need to gamble?

In order to gamble you first of all need to be at least 18 years old. Both the skins betting sites and the normal casino sites has this age limit as they are based in Europe and that’s according to European laws. You also need to have a device to gamble from. Most sites has a mobile site which would mean that you can use a smartphone, tablet or PC to gamble with. After this it’s time to find a gambling site to play on and here you have the choice of both normal casino sites or skins betting sites. Both have their positive advantages as well as negative and it really depends on what you prefer yourself.

In order to find the right site for you to gamble on you can have a look at any trusted affiliate site where you can see all the offers on various sites. On some of these sites you will also find reviews about the sites so you get to read about it before you decide to register/play there. Once you’ve found the site to gamble on you just need to register an account, deposit, then start to play. Everything goes really smooth and it’s easy to do on most sites.

Gamble on casino games in 2019

In 2019 we see that gambling on casino games are increasing in most part of Europe. This is because more websites are advertising themselves, but also because it´s more accepted now to gamble than before. When something becomes too big and popular and has to do with a lot of money, then the governments want a peace of the action. And that means regulated markets, to cash in on the revenue in a gambling tax plus have control over what´s happening. So, UK is regulated, Sweden got regulated in 2019, Denmark, Italy etc, are also regulated. Lot of negative pointers comes with this but also some positive. If you like to gamble in UK for example, you can still do that without any problem. So, we don´t have to put too much thoughts in to this regulation subject. Instead, play on as usual with tax free winnings and great campaigns.